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“Grace Daniell is an outstanding employment discrimination lawyer. I had a bad experience with another attorney on the same case, and was highly recommended to meet with Grace Daniell. She assured me that my case was strong and was able to resolve my case successfully. Daniell’s strength is in her knowledge and experience. She was able to defend my case with a very calm and professional demeanor, making my whole experience with Daniell’s and her team an incredibly positive and rewarding experience. My children and I are so grateful for her service and I would undoubtedly hire her again.”


“Grace and her staff went above and beyond for me in my divorce. They answered numerous questions, emails and calls I had dealing with harassment and bullying during the divorce. They were kind and very prompt with information needed to get it completed as quickly as possible. Needless to say I came out on the winning end thanks to Grace and her staff."


“Grace was my attorney for my divorce case and I was very pleased with the results. She was very easy to get in touch with, always returned my calls. She gave me good legal advice and I could tell that she cares about her clients. Her prices were very fair and I would recommend her to other people.”


"Mrs. Grace,
    You are the best. I think God for you and your staff. Thanks for your help."


“I hired Grace Daniell back in 2011 for my divorce and custody case. This past year my ex and I are battling for a parenting plan change and I have her as my lawyer still. I would not choose another lawyer. Grace is highly thorough, competent, and trustworthy. She takes a great deal of interest, not only in your case, but also in you and your needs. Her and the other people in her office, Dana and Judy, have become like family throughout the years and always check in on myself and my children when we speak. Grace has gone above and beyond for me during my case and continues to give excellent advise and counsel. She is always easy to get in touch with and returns calls and emails promptly. Her price is extremely fair and well worth every penny. I highly recommend her as a lawyer and would not trust my case with anyone else.”


I had never heard of Grace Daniell until last year. I needed an attorney and found her law office on the internet from a google search. From beginning to end, I could not have been more impressed with the way Grace handled my case. Going through a divorce is stressful, but I sincerely believe that Grace's efforts made it a whole lot easier and smoother than what I would have expected from an average attorney. She created excellent legal documents for me, in a timely manner, and was detailed in explaining step-by-step procedures of what will happen and a timeline in which to expect these events. When I had questions, she was easy to reach and provided quick and accurate answers. It's also important to mention that she is a good communicator and was able to explain things to me on a level that I could understand. On the court date, she promptly showed up and quickly took care of business in a very professional manner. I thought her fees were more than reasonable for the representation I received and the large amount of time and effort she put into my case. My satisfaction with Grace Daniell is no less than 100% and I can honestly say I would totally and in good faith recommend her services to anybody who needs an attorney. 


Grace has gone above and beyond to take care of my case in a timely manner. She made sure that all documents and paperwork from other attorney was received in a timely manner. She kept me VERY informed of all updates. I would highly recommend her to anyone. C.B.


"I was told by the first lawyer I contacted that I did not have a case. I was then referred to Grace Daniell, and after explaining my situation to her, she was more than eager to help me, and told me she felt like we had a good case. She was very thorough in gathering and organizing all the facts, and very professional in her approach. She was able to reach a settlement on my behalf, and I was very pleased with the result. In the beginning I was reluctant to pursue the claim, even though I knew my employer had treated me extremely unfairly, but after meeting with Grace Daniell, I had the confidence to go through with it. I would highly recommend her. She did an awesome job and I am sincerely thankful for her help. "


* The testimonials on this website are of former clients. All testimonials are provided for informational purposes only and are not to be considered as a promise or guarantee as to the outcome of your specific case. Each case contains different facts and circumstances. The facts and circumstances of your case will likely differ from the facts of the cases listed. 
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